In the nursery, DH was able to refuse the bath.  She had been literally covered in meconium.  I don't know how bad it was "medically," but it was scary.  She showed no signs of aspiration, though.  

Before we decided to go to the hospital, we had analyzed all the reasons I didn't want to go.  One vivid memory of DD1's birth was watching the nurses giving her a bath.  I wanted to break down the wall of the nursery and take her away, but I felt powerless.  It broke my heart to watch.  

So they brought her to me after about an hour, naked just in a blanket.  He told them no diaper, too.  (I love this man.)  He said they were all concerned about her peeing on me.  I said give her to me!  I nursed her first, then we put on the first diaper.  Sadly, the nurse came back really soon to take her away again.  She took her temperature, and it was slightly low, I think.  She wasn't really swaddled well, so they got upset with me.  I tried to put her under my gown, and the nurse freaked out.  So I relented and wrapped her up tighter.  

I'm a little foggy on the details, but the nurse also started to argue with me about how long she'd been nursing.  I said it wasn't long enough, and the nurse disagreed.  I said that my other  babies had nursed for the first 2 or 3 hours, and that was what I wanted for this baby.  She said that 3o minutes was long enough, and any longer would interfere with colostrum.  Oh, I was mad.  I wanted to keep her with me and never let her go.  Then the nurse asked me if they could bathe her.  I said no.  So, she portrayed my baby as being unsanitary since she was covered with "fecal matter."  Leave her with me, then!  I laughed and said, "it's just baby poop."  Now, the nurse was acting like she was going to bathe her without my permission, so I said that my husband or my mother could do it, nobody else.  Of course, neither was in the room at that moment, and I was really afraid the nurse would take her away.  

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